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quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2005

Adobe gets flashed, Buys Macromedia, then dims!

ADOBE, once undisputed king of everything documents, has shifted its emphasis towards the web, with the announcement of its acquisition of Macromedia - the people that bring you Flash, among other things.

Media sages contend that Adobe had painted itself into a corner, after declining support for future Macintosh endeavours, as Apple's push towards both open source-like applications coupled to Apple's Final Cut Media Pro 5 efforts. Leaving one to play with documents on Windows, while it sounds lucrative, is an uphill battle.

Quick Wall Street reaction smote Adobe quickly, while mushrooming the price of Macromedia stock (after market decline concerns in the US over possible inflation problems).

One wag wondered aloud if Adobe had become flashed, in an inappropriate way. As the word adobe represents a muddy building material, it would seem that a little flash is perhaps in order, he said.

Many seem to agree that Adobe's doldrums may indeed be over if they can prove that rapid development of newer web video techniques displayed at NAB will help them recapture lost momentum for what was once a sterling and bulletproof business.

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