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quarta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2005

TWO freaking seconds, dude!

O novo SO do Tio Bill promete possibilidades, que são defeitos há muito residentes na família Windows (excetuando o pragmático MS-DOS, preto no branco, filho pródigo), um curto e eficiente Boot. Eu, como funcionalista convicto, reduzo os serviços residentes no Windows XP, ao mínimo indispensável e pese a redução, o mesmo SO alonga-se por uma enormidade de tempo para fazer um boot, temporalmente comparável a um discurso do Barbudo de Cuba ou a uma faixa de godspeed you! black emperor, mas agora, o pessoal R&D da Microsoft, promete "Boot to Windows Vista in 2 to 3 seconds", fenomenal o chavão, quase comparável à demagogia eleitoral.
Remember back in the day when the Microsoft peeps were showing off Windows XP and its drastically decreased boot and resume startup times? Remember how blown away everyone was when Bill hit a button and your computer sprang back to life from suspend? But then Windows sclerosis sets in, and you’re lucky if your machine boots in six minutes or shuts down in two—so Microsoft’s taking it back to the old school in Windows Vista, which they’re claiming will boot powered off in two to three seconds. Of course, what they mean by “boot” in this case could be pretty much anything (hell, we can’t even get past our BIOS in two to three seconds), but if nothing else at least they’re setting a tall order for making Vista a little more friendly to work with. While we’re on the topic, may we suggest getting rid of the freaking registry?
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