Um Ponto De Fuga

quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2005

"Rock music seeks release through liberation from the personality and its responsibility"

Em 1985, escreveu assim o futuro papa Bento XVI [*]:C ... [it is] among the anarchic ideas of freedom which today predominate more openly in the West than in the East. But that is precisely why rock music is so completely antithetical to the Christian concept of redemption and freedom, indeed its exact opposite.
Hence music of this type must be excluded from the Church on principle, and not merely for aesthetic reasons, or because of restorative crankiness or historical flexibility.

[*] Discurso ao XVIII Congresso Internacional de Música Eclesiástica, Roma, 17 de Novembro de 1985: "Liturgy in Church Music", in Sacred Music, Vol 112, No 4 (Inverno de 1985).

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