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sábado, 1 de março de 2014

NL Architects’ ArtA - The Netherlands

Dutch firm NL Architects took a step up (pun intended) in "ArtA", their latest competition entry for a new multi-functional arts building for Arnhem in The Netherlands.
The firm is shortlisted along with other notable firms that include Kengo Kuma, Studio HH + SO-IL and BIG, and OMA.
Project description:

"ArtA will be an exciting mixture of public functions: a ‘sandwich’ of cinema, square,  museum and park: Art House, Art Square, Art Show, Art Park. By pushing this programmatic sandwich down on one side the roof becomes accessible. At the same time the building opens up to the river. An easily accessible roof landscape emerges draped over vibrant city life: ‘urban moraine’. (...)

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