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terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2005

Tinker Juarez (44-year-old) Cannondale Rider

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Tinker Juarez, é a Prata da Cannondale, com 44 anos, continua de forma indiscriminada a somar esporadicamente vitórias em XC (Cross Country). Só possível num desporto, que é por sinal (a par do Downhill) um dos mais espetaculares e periclitantes desportos praticados.
De notar que o Polivalente Cedric Gracia, também pertence a esta armada, nas vertentes mais radicais, entenda-se, 4Cross, Dual, FreeRide e DownHill.

TEMECULA, Calif. (April 24, 2005) With mind boggling pace and consistency,Tinker Juarez (Siemens Mobile/Cannondale) circled the 10 1/2 –mile 24 Hours of Temecula course 19 times to win his third straight Men’s Solo title.
Juarez checked off lap after lap with robotic efficiency, even after experimenting with some new strategies, which led to a rough start.
“I was lucky to be able to ride fast in the beginning,” said Juarez. “I didn’t really feel so good but I realized that I could stay ahead if I could stay consistent. Important as not to lose the laps I’d worked so hard to get.”
While off-road racing may be running out of race formats for the 44-year-old Juarez to win, 24-hour racing still seems challenging enough to keep Juarez interested. The e designed course for this year’s race provided all the intrigue that Juarez seeks in an off-road race.
“I lose interest if I do all the fun stuff during training,” explained Juarez. “What’s best for a 24-hour race is to learn during the day and as you get better, pick different lines. Hopefully you got it down by nighttime.”
Juarez finished 19 laps, or 194.2 miles, in 24:07:46.
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