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domingo, 15 de janeiro de 2006

Architects Are Sexiest (?)

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© Jaques Herzog, Rem Koolhaas, José António Saraiva

Das poucas estatísticas, onde o malogrado Arquitecto, encima o mui digno Engenheiro, quanto a mim, uma cambada de feiosos com olhar altivo...

De um e-mail:
Architects have been voted the sexiest male professionals, in a survey of women´s ideal partners.
The Survey, conducted by introduction agency Drawing Down The Moon, found that women favoured architetects "due to the esteem associated with the profession".
Architects are seen as being "balanced and rounded individuals who combine a creative approach with a caring, thoughtful disposition," the survey found. It concluded: "Their ability to cope with pressure of work in a relaxed manner was also deemed to be a significant plus."
Male Architects beat stockbrokers, doctors, film directors and teachers to the top spot.


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