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domingo, 9 de fevereiro de 2014

Zaha Hadid’s Museum For Reinhold Messner

Messner Mountain Museum Corones by Zaha Hadid Architects is under construction. Located in Kronplatz, South Tyrol, Italy, this museum is the final piece in the series of mountain museums. The museum is dedicated to the great rock faces of the work, and will focus on the discipline of mountaineering. This unique composition of fluid, interconnected volumes, is carved within the mountain and informed by the geology and topography of its context. A sharp glass canopy resembling a fragment of glacial ice, rises from the rock to mark and protects the entrance to the museum.
A cascading ramp connects the exhibition spaces and creates dynamic volumes of circulation throughout three levels of temporary exhibitions, presentation areas and an auditorium, enabling the museum to showcase its permanent exhibition together with objects and images from Messner’s archive.
The new museum will offer 240-degree views across expansive mountain landscapes that include Zillertal Alps, the Dolomites and the Marmolada glacier. The aim of the museum is to add cultural and educational element to the popular Alpine destination.  Glazed apertures and viewing balcony are specifically oriented in a way to ensure the museum’s interiors and primarily naturally lit, while maintaining the design’s labyrinthine trajectory within the mountain, incorporating and expressing the power of the natural tectonic system it is a part of. The museum maintains almost constant internal temperature by immersing the built spaces inside the mountain.
The museum is 1000 sqm in total and the completion is expected in summer 2014.

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