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segunda-feira, julho 18, 2005

Arquitectura e Prostituição

The delicate balance between these factors helps explain why, for instance, the typical prostitute earns more than the typical architect. It may not seem as though she should. The architect would appear to be more skilled (as the word is usually defined) and better educated (again, as usually defined). But little girls don’t grow up dreaming of becoming prostitutes, so the supply of potential prostitutes is relatively small. Their skills, while not necessarily “specialized,” are practiced in a very specialized context. The job is unpleasant and forbidding in at least two significant ways: the likelihood of violence and the lost opportunity of having a stable family life. As for demand? Let’s just say that an architect is more likely to hire a prostitute than vice versa.
LEVITT, S.; DUBNER, S. - Freakonomics: A Rogue Econonomist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything. 1st ed. New York : William Morrow, 2005. ISBN 006-07-3132-X

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Anonymous Bruno disse...

"the typical prostitute earns more than the typical architect" .. É verdade.. porém essa situação não se limita unica e exclusivamente aos arquitectos mas também a auditores, contabilistas, alguns jornalistas, designers e mtos outros.. Aliás se a nossa única razão de trabalhar é o €€, então.. mais vale irmos todos para a prostituição..ou ñ será? :S

18/7/05 19:32  
Blogger ... disse...

os arq ganham mal pá!

18/7/05 20:10  

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